About us

Panelogy is a free online community of survey takers that provides you the opportunity to complete online market research surveys that benefit products and services that you love. Companies from Fortune 500 to small businesses utilize your feedback to craft better products and services. Seems pretty great, get paid for providing feedback that will make what you love better!

The parent company of Panelogy is Azure Knowledge Corporation. Azure is headquartered in New Jersey, USA was founded in 2003 and has become a leading market research solutions and global data collection provider with a full range of fieldwork, digital and data transformation services.

Seeing the increased need to gather business insights via online market research surveys, Azure created Panelogy - Business Insights.

The goal of Panelogy is to provide a great experience where professionals can be rewarded for providing insights that will be used to drive innovation, processes and services improvement for businesses and organizations.

Azure is led by seasoned industry professionals including the founders Dushyant Joshi and Jay Ruparel and are backed by a leading global private equity firm. Poised for the future, Azure is ready to serve client needs and Panelogy and our panelists are important pieces in that service commitment.




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