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Testimonial user

Ellie is a Chief Financial Officer for a large global firm (Based in the UK) which operates in more than 10 countries across the world. She has worked in the field of finance for the past 15 years, and specializes in providing expertise with client and partner financial negotiations. Ellie finds value in providing feedback to financial topics via online surveys and feels that it helps her keep a pulse on the industry challenges and opportunities as a whole.

Ellie - Greater London, UK

Testimonial user

Michael is a Manager of Fleet Operations for a large distributor of consumer goods in the United States. He has worked in this industry for the past 10 years and finds value in providing opinions about how he does his job effectively. He has learned a great deal from taking surveys that has allowed him to evaluate ways to decrease cost and increase efficiency of his company’s operations. Michael values being a key contributor to ongoing research and a panel member of PANELOGY.

Michael - United States

Testimonial user

Raj is currently a VP of Technology and IT Decision Maker (ITDM) for a medium sized business located in Mumbai, India. He has been an ITDM for the past 12 years with a broad range of experience in integrating technologies and processes for corporate development initiatives. In his free time he enjoys visiting the various cities throughout India and across the world with an emphasis on ancient architecture. Raj is asked to participate on research studies which seek to understand why organizations choose different methods of technology and specifically what people in his role consider as key differentiators for new software and technology.

Raj – Mumbai, India



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